Friday, November 30, 2007


I found the cutest shirt at Sears the other day. It just screams "Christmas In Florida" to me. So I got it to wear at the Craft Show this weekend. And of course, I had to have my nails done to match yesterday! So here's what I'll be wearing tomorrow.
Edited to add: There are reindeer on my pinky fingers because they are too small for the snowmen!


Denise said...

very festive!!

Liane said...

OMG I want those snowmen on my fingers too! Way to darn cute. Love them.

Congrats on being 2 years since you quit smoking. That is soooo wonderful. It is true, the farther out you get the more you feel like a non smoker...although I think it took me about 15 years to really feel like a non smoker... it has been just over 19 years for me!

I wish I could come sample that beer with you. Looks yummy. Hugs to you two little elfs!

jeanne said...

Love the nails!!!!