Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 6

It's another day of the "don't gots" at Sue's! I don't gots Distress Markers and I don't gots Specialty Stamping Paper. But I am muddling through! I used my CTMH markers and while fine for plain old coloring, they are notsomuch for using with water! They don't blend worth a hoot, even on watercolor paper!! Both of my lss' are on back order, as is the rest of the country, for Distress Markers. So eventually I will have them, just not anytime soon.

 Watercolor With Markers. I used some of the images from Dyan Reaveley's Bits of This stamp set. LOVE those bugs! I think you can really tell with this tag that the colors didn't so much blend as they just watered down.
 Blending With Markers. I finally broke down and used the butterfly stamp that t!m has been using so much of here lately! I generally like to march to my own drummer, but I thought I'd try the technique with the CTMH markers and see how it worked compaired to his sample. And it didn't! Again, basically just watered down the color and didn't blend it so well.
Stamping with Markers. This one we were supposed to use the Specialty Stamping Paper with. Ahhh, no gots! So I colored my stamps with my CTMH markers and then "huffed" on them and stamped directly on a manila tag. When you use the Distress Ink with the blending tool directly on the tag, it tends to "muddy" the images jsut like t!m said it would! Hmmm...guess no matter how old you are, teacher is ALWAYS right!!


Tamara said...

what a beautifull tags you made.

Debbie DP said...

I love the tags. Great work using the products on hand

Yogi said...

even with "gots not" they turned out pretty good. But really want my Distress Markers... Have a great day