Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are You My Mother?

Had to go to the Post Office this morning, so on the way home I decided to take a chance and see if the Feed Store had gotten in their shipment of Americauna's early. And they had! So three new babiez made the trek home with me. And I'm really glad I stopped because the Chocolate Layers that weren't supposed to be in til May are now scheduled to arrive this coming Tue! So I'll be making another trip on Wed to get three of them.

They are so cute next to the Buffs! They keep trying to get underneath them like they would their momma. And the Buffs want NO part of that!

 The Buff's are starting to lose their downy feathers. And are trying to fly! John had gotten this  heavy cardboard watermelon bin last year at W*M and we folded it up and put it in the shed after we moved the big girls into the coop when we got it rebuilt. Good thing! The Buff's were trying to fly out of the toilet paper box I had them in after the first week. So now the watermelon bin is in the chicken coop so I don't have downy feathers all in the garage like I did last year. Plus, if they fly out, they can't go anywhere since they're in the coop and we don't have to worry about the garage door going up and down and them possibly being loose. They are separated from the "big" girls, but they can hear each other.
THIS ONE! This one's gonna be my Trouble Maker. I can see it happening. Her name is ANNA. She is the one who is trying to spread her wings and fly. She's on TOP of the waterer trying to figure out how to get OUT where I am. She watches me oh so closely when I am taking care of them. She likes to pick at my fingernails and rings. She likes glittery things it seems! I think I need to take some Distress Inks out and dab different colors on she , Anita and Sluggy because I can't tell them apart. Except for when Anna is in Trouble Maker mode!


Anita Houston said...

I am so humbled...a precious little chick gets me name better watch out for her. She will try to lead the others on an escape. Which one is she?

anna christensen crafts said...

Oh, they are soooh cute, glad my namesake likes glittery things and wants to fly, she looks spirited...always a good thing xx

Debbie DP said...

Oh they are so cute.