Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative Chemistry-Day 4

Well if I'm gonna flunk, today will be the day! We are supposed to have cut-n-dry felt to make our own custom stamp pad for today and I don't have it. Will never use it, so ain't buyin' it! I don't even have something here that I can fake my way thru it, so I only have 2 tags to share today.

Today was all about re-inkers and the various ways you can use them. I own ONE Distress Re-inker...Old Paper. I've had it so long, I don't even remember why I bought it! I don't have an Old Paper Distress Ink Pad, so I didn't buy it to re-ink with. BUT! I have a crap-load of CTMH reinkers, so Necessity Being The Mother Of Invention, I went with what I had! I mixed up Orchid Bouquet, Autumn Terra Cotta and Ocean CTMH re-inkers in mini misters and held my tag over the trash can and sprayed away! I can tell you, and you'll just have to trust me on this, that my left hand is a lovely shade of the three colors and my wrist looks a little like the Statue Of Liberty color with it's greenish tinge! Or should that be patina?! And for my second tag, I smooshed my distress pads on my Kraft sheet and used my waterbrush to pick up the colors with instead of using the re-inkers like we were supposed to. This is the tag that I used my one and only Distress Re-inker on. I went around the outside edge of the watercolor piece and also the entire manila tag with Old Paint Re-inker. So maybe I'll get a D- instead of an F for at least using the one thing I do own for todays class!!

 Layered Misting. Used CTMH re-inkers in Orchid Bouquet, Autumn Terra Cotta and Ocean mixed with water in mini misters and sprayed on tag. Dried, then mixed up Cocoa re-inker in a mini mister and used masks and oversprayed with Cocoa.
Watercoloring with Re-inkers. Stamped image with Pigment ink. Then used Distress Ink pads and smooshed on Kraft sheet. Picked up color with waterbrush and applied to watercolor paper.


Toni said...

I really wish you'd posted a pic of your hand :)

WELL DONE YOU for using what you have. I'm having to improvise some, as well -- good thing this classes will stay up because I'll be going back for a long time to come, I think!

craftytrog said...

Great tags Sue! My hands are rather gruesome today! Lol! x