Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Proud Auntie Moment!

Knock knock! Is dis thang on?! Oh, hai! Yes, we are still here. Took a bit of time off. I'll blame it on the holidays, but I wasn't crafting and we weren't doing anything to blog about, so I just shut my yap for a while. I'm getting back in the crafting mood, so hopefully I'll have some stuff coming up soon to share.

So my Proud Auntie Moment, you ask! Got an email from sister Jan this morning and she was bragging on Jake, so I'm gonna take her lead and share what he's been up to. Seems he had a math project that that had to use Power Point. ('Scuse me if I don't know 'xactly what that is!) But anyway! He had to apply this math project to something he was passionate about. And he is PASSIONATE about Renewable Energy. He talked Unca John's and my ear off at Christmas about his ideas! So being a typical 11 year old, he was down to the wire on getting the assignment done. Trying to find a computer with Power Point and getting it all put together. Turned the assignment in on the very last day! And he got 100% on it! Way to go Jake! Then, he comes home yesterday telling Jan that he is the ONLY 6th grader at his school to score high enough to compete with 7th and 8th graders in the National Geography Bee! How stankin' cool is that?! Next week he will compete with other local schools and possibly go on to the State and National levels. So keep your flingers and toes crossed for Jake next week and I'll post how he does. Jan said just when you think that he might be in over his head, he pulls this rabbit out of his hat and all you can do is say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...maybe he IS getting it after all!

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jeanne said...

WTG Jake is right!!!! Congrats