Thursday, January 27, 2011


John's truck needed it's 65K check up yesterday, so we took both vehicles since they said his truck would take between 2 and 4 hours and there's nothing I like worse than sitting at the dealership for that long and went and ran Tampa errands and had lunch. At the ever terrific Datz Deli on S. MacDill. I had a pastrami on rye (with THREE half sour pickles!) and John had a corned beef on rye. You also get their hand-cut potato chips with salt and sugar and a blue cheese aioli and chopped green onions on top. OMG! Food heaven! The sammies are so darn big that we each could only eat half, so we brought the other half home (plus a half dozen half sour pickles for me!) So guess what I've had already this morning for breakfast?! They roast the pastrami there and it has this wonderful crunchy spicy bark on the outside, but the inside is still moist and juicy. The best of both worlds!


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p.s. is that anywhere near Moffitt?