Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another sad day...

in the Tampa Bay area yesterday. Two St Petersburg police officers gave their lives in the line of duty. Police, accompanied by US Marshalls, had gone to serve a warrant on a guy. He decided to hole up in the attic of the house. When the officers went in, he opened fire from above. One officer was hit and killed, the bullets striking him from above and his vest did no good. The US Marshall was also hit twice,thankfully he survived and is going to be OK. Other officers then stormed the residence to get their fallen comrades out and another St Pete officer was killed in the same way as his brother officer. The bad guy was later found dead in the house when heavy armored vehicles were brought in to demolish the house and not endanger any other lives. It is not known if officer fire or his own gun is what killed him. K-9 Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz was only 39 and leaves his wife and three children. Sgt Thomas Baitinger was 48 and leaves his wife. Rest in peace, brave men.

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