Thursday, January 13, 2011

He dun gud!

Jake had the first round of his Geography Bee yesterday. And while Unca John and I were late getting there due to routine maintanence on my truck taking for.ever, we were there for the best part! There were 24 kids competing and there were 7 rounds to the first set of questions. They had already completed four rounds by the time we got there. Jake had answered all of his questions correctly. Rounds 5 and 6 were multiple choice questions and Jake missed one of those. Then Round 7, they were each asked a question and not given a choice of answers, instead having to come up with it on their own. And Jake missed his. Aunt Sue didn't do so hot either! Out of the 24 questions, I only knew the answers to TWO! Don't say much for age and failing brains, now does it?! Then the scorers huddled and decided who would move on to the next round. There were 4 kids who only missed one question each, so they went on. Then they called the names of the kids who had missed two questions and Jake was one of those 15 or so. All the others were excused. They then put the remaining kids at separate small tables and gave them each a piece of paper and pencil. They were all read the same question and had 15 seconds to write their answer down and hold their paper up to show they were done. They were then asked their answer. There was only one correct answer for that question, so that boy went on to the next round. Question two and no one had the correct answer. Question three and four had the correct answer. AND JAKE WAS ONE OF THE FOUR!!! Can you say PROUD?! So those four joined the others for a total of 10 going to the next round. Which will be NEXT Tue! So Unca John and I have already said we will be there in support of Jake. Crossed fingers are again appreciated!

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