Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Of course we got up at 2 AM on Dec 21 which just happens to be the Winter Solstice to see the lunar eclipse. I would love to talk to whoever schedules these things. Why anyone would schedule a lunar eclipe at that hour of the morning is beyond me! We stood outside in the cold for over an hour taking pictures and griping about the fact that our rechargeable batteries all bit the dust on their rechargeability at the same time. And of course we had no "regular" batteries here. Why would we?! But it was a sight to see. One not seen since 1638. That is the last time a lunar eclipse happened on the night of the Winter Solstice. And it won't happen again til 2485. I'm glad I was here to see thing one!


Debbie DP said...

Glad you posted the pictures. We were unable to view because of heavy cloud coverage.

jeanne said...

we were tap dancing around our driveway too watching. Isn't it fun!?!?!?!

Court said...

Beautiful! Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog Sue! :) I really appreciate it! :) I'm so glad you liked my ladybug!