Friday, December 3, 2010

new peepers

It had been 5+ years since John and I had our eyes examined. (There'll be NO smart comments about having our heads examined! We tried that. There is nothing there to examine.) I'd been having headaches by the end of the day and both pairs of John's glasses needed repair. So we bit the bullet this week and just went and did it. Turns out, the Old Man needs Bifocals. :::insert snort here::: And his lenses have to be special made. He says because he's special. I say, notsomuch! Mine were ready the next day. My old frames were pretty thin wire, so I was ready for a change. The new ones are a bronze-y color and I really am enjoying them and not having headaches any more.


Debbie DP said...

love the new glasses

jeanne said...

ooooooh, mine are bronzy too!!! YAY.