Monday, November 29, 2010

Boo-boo buster

I had to go this morning for my 6 month blood draw. I may be a big girl, but I've got me some Barbie size veins running through my body. They have a hell of a time getting a good vein on me. Usually the right arm is the better of my two. So that's where she started today. And she missed the vein. So she gave me a Garfield band-aid for my boo-boo! That SHE made. We finally got a good vein to stand up and be noticed in my left arm. And tomorrow I'll look like I've been shooting crack in my veins in my arms my whole life. It will take a week for the bruising to subside.


Debbie DP said...

Garfield makes it all better.

jeanne said...

How can you resist a lasagna loving feline taped to your arm?