Thursday, February 4, 2010

I think...

the crud may be on it's way out! Finally! After only three weeks!! My right ear finally cleared late on Tue. And my left one cleared sometime overnight last night. I've still got some sniffles and coughing, but nothing like it's been. And I'm feeling the urge to craft. Haven't had that since I started getting sick. And while I'm not ready to do anything too quickly, I will slowly start getting back into things.

They had a neat story on my news last night. A pair of ospreys have built a nest close to a golf driving range in my little hometown of Dunedin. Someone set up a webcam to watch the birds, who have since laid three eggs in the nest. "Experts" seem to think the eggs should hatch sometime this week. I'll be watching! If I can ever get on the website during daylight hours that is. Every time I've tried, they have been exceeding their bandwidth and I've not been able to see. Maybe you'll have better luck! - Dunedin Osprey Cam

Last, but not least. I was sad to hear that Rusty Pickle is going out of business. I've been a fan of their funky, rustic, grungy papers for a long time. They are having a 50% off sale for all of their lines.

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jeanne said...

come back, come back from wherever you are! Hope you're feeling better.