Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There IS some green

in the yard! Not much though. I took a walkabout yesterday just to see if there was any green peeking out from all of the yukky brown. Found a few gems!

The apple tree has a few pink blossoms and green leaves just starting to pop. Our cherry tree is in full blossom. No leaves yet, but I think every bee on the west coast of FL is at the tree! Oh. My. Lord the bees! You hear them beefore (!) you see them! Then there's the Earth Boxes. We've got spinach almost ready to cut again. And mustard greens. This will be the third mess of each we'll have. The tomatoes didn't fare as well in the cold. We lost two plants completely and almost all of the third. I bought one more plum tomato plant yesterday, so hopefully the worst of the cold is over now. The tomatoes will do fine all thru the Spring and into Summer. The spinach and mustards, notsomuch as they prefer cooler temps. I've got yellow and zucchini squash seeds ready to go in those boxes once they are done.

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Debbie DP said...

glad to see someone has green