Sunday, February 14, 2010

Curiosity killed...

the cat! When I took the pics of my layout yesterday to share, I found this still on the camera! It was too cute not to share!

These are the blankets we used during the Great Freeze of 2010 last month to cover our veggies in the Earth Boxes. Once it finally warmed up, I was probably feeling my worst, so was not inclined to wash them, fold them and put them away. Instead, I threw them in the rocker on the back porch to be dealt with when I was feeling better, or by my heirs when I died, whichever came first. And there were a couple of days I was hoping for death, believe me! They have since been dealt with, only to be brought out again a couple of days ago when we had yet another freeze!

Mr Orleans had to get up and "see" what outside feral catz had come by and sprayed the blankets. Ish! Boyz are so weird!! Testosterone rulz!