Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Randomness

Just a mish-mash of stuff!

*Seen on our news the other day. Someone has gotten the stoopid...err...brilliant idea to chop up the turf at SunLife Stadium in Miami where the Super Bowl was held and sell it off in 3 x 3 INCH sections in a plastic case at $100 a pop. That's dead grass folks. Or soon-to-be dead. For $100. I've got a yard FULL of dead grass you can come and TAKE! The weather guy did the math between commercials and if they sell the whole field, it will amount to 96 MILLION dollars. Wonder what will be done with that money? Certainly not sent to the still displaced from Katrina in 2005 people of the Lower Ninth Ward.

* I've been seeing MegaRed Krill Oil tablets being advertised on TV. Now we all know the benefit of fish oil and that it helps to raise our good cholesterol. Supposedly krill oil is the better mousetrap of the fish oil business. I checked the price of it the other day when I was at the pharmacy. $24.99 for 100 tabs. I can get regular old fish oil buy one get one free for $11.99. Guess where my money's going?!

*Olympics! I've never really been one for the Winter Olympics. But the other day there was nada on TV, so I started watching Curling. I'm hooked!! On curling!! Whoda thunk?! Also been digging on the biathalon. Cross country ski til you're out of breath then try to hit a target with a rifle. Then go ski some more and try to hit a different target with the rifle. Then go ski some more. And collapse at the finish line. Yeah, that sounds like fun. NOT!

* Some strange weather factiods our weather guy shared last night. This El Nino winter is gonna be one for the record books. So far, in 2010, we've had 28 nights below 45 degrees here in the Tampa area. We've also had 44 days with highs below 70 degrees in the greater Tampa area. Unhead of! And, although it has nothing to do with Florida, there is very little snow in northern Ohio right now because Lake Erie is frozen solid and the lake effect snows that they usually get they are not because the lake is frozen solid. Yep, strange winter all across the country! And the first day of Spring is a full month away, March 20! So I expect more weirdness.

* John and I recently found a new for us deli in South Tampa. Datz Deli is based on many of the deli's in New York. Datz Delicatessen & Foodie’s Market We headed down that way yesterday and had lunch. Just wonderful! I could only eat 1/2 of my Reuben, so had to bring the other 1/2 home. The sammys are served with homemade sweet potato chips with cinnamon sugar on them and a homemade bleu cheese dressing and chives. OMG! To. Die. For! We brought home some wonderful sliced meats. Soprasetta, Toscana salumi and Genoa salumi. Also a wedge of Irish cheddar cheese, some pitted Nicoise olives and wonderfully tart green Sicilian olives. A crusty bagette. Of course I had to bring home some of their wonderful stored in a barrel half sour pickles! I think I could LIVE on them alone!! And for dessert, a slice of Key Lime Pie and one of Strawberry Rhubarb pie. If you're ever down S Tampa way, close to MacDill AFB, you owe it to yourself to head to Datz!


Anonymous said...

Thank you from Datz!

jeanne said...

I'm drooling all over my key board!!!

Jenn said...

We love Datz! We belong to their beer club and have done several of their free evening events. Those chips rock!