Friday, December 18, 2009

Perio visit

Had my two month post-op check yesterday.

First, can I just say how much I HATE the taste of latex?! It is still lingering in my mouth, despite brushings.

Overall, he was very pleased. Glad someone is! He said the back three molars have tightened up nicely. They were very loose at the beginning because of the extensive bone loss. He said that is a sign that the new bone is growing. However. The nerves that are giving me such pain/sensitivity issues will be part of the last to be covered by the new bone growth. That did not make me a happy camper. He said I could go back to my regular dentist on the 31st for my cleaning. He is sending them a letter telling them NOT to poke, probe or generally disturb that area because of the bone grafts. I told him there was no worries for them doing anything like that so long as I had breath in my body! I go back to see him in April. At that point, HE will clean them and since we will be at 6 months post-op, he will also probe and see where we stand. What was originally supposed to be a year long, once every four months procedure now looks like it will be closer to two years to complete. Because I am such a slow healer, he does not want to make it impossible for me to eat/chew/drink on both sides of my mouth at the same time. I don't know if that's a good thing or not! He did give me a Rx for a sensitivity toothpaste. It has more "stuff" in it than what you can buy over the counter to ease the sensitivity issues. He said it would take a few days for me to feel the effects of it. So I guess I keep on keepin on. And maybe one morning when I wake up, the pain will be gone. One can only hope!

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jeanne said...

Hoping that morning is sooner than later.