Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet, sweet rain

FINALLY! We are getting some much needed rain. We've got a cold front that moved down from the north that stalled over us and a low pressure area that's moving up from the south and both are bringing the rain. The weather guys say we could see rain almost any time for the rest of the week! And while it won't bring us the three feet that we are down in our totals, at least it will help our parched lawns. Already people are calling for the lowering of the very tight water restrictions. My thought is why? If it's raining, you damn sure don't need to water your lawn. You can take your car to the car wash. People feel entitled when the restrictions are lowered. It's MY day to water, so by damned, I'm gonna water. Doesn't matter that we just got over an inch yesterday. And my least favorite waether guy said yesterday in a weather update, "Be careful what you wish for. We could be in for rain for the rest of the week." You blooming idiot. Has no one from your station informed you that we ARE in a drought. So I fired off an email to the station! Of course I've gotten no response!

Anyway...off my soapbox!

The rain liles are all ready to burst with their pink flowery goodness! The catch at the bottom of the rain chain off the back porch is full. There is almost an inch of rain in the rain gauge. AND!! An added bonus. I opened the blinds going to the back porch yesterday and saw something moving at the top of the screen outside. Upon closer inspection, it was one of the Gulf Fritillary butterflies emerging from the cocoon! I watched it all afternoon, stretching it's wings, drying out. Then, just as I grabbed the camera to go take another pic, it flew away. So glad to know at least one missed being a mockingbird's breakfast!


Liane said...

Yahoo! Love the rain gauge! Hope you really do get rain the rest of the week!

jeanne said...

I was hoping you got some wetness!