Monday, May 11, 2009

I shoulda stayed in bed!

Damn Murphy and his Law anyway! If It can go wrong, it will.

I pulled out the vacuum this morning to try and tame some of the kitty hair bunnies that were skittering here, there and yon. I have an antique end table between the 2 couches in the living room. I hit one of the front legs as I was vaccuming and it and the leg begind it buckled, sending everything crashing to the floor. Hardwood floors. No carpet to soften the blow. Thankfully I caught the lamp, but two glass coasters that belonged to John's paternal grandparents shattered and two (of a set of three matching) glass candle holders also bit the dust. So the table is now propped up on the arm of the couch til John gets home and can fix it.

Then I went out to do chicken and pond duty. Chickens went fine. Pond was a different story. John had cleaned the filter yesterday and forgot to squirt down the "gunk" that comes out of the filter. My foot hit it and down I went. Into the "gunk" (read fish poo!) Oh yay! So since I was already there and nasty anyway, I went ahead and finished. Rinsed myself off so as not to track the "gunk" all thru the house that I'd just cleaned. Went straight to the washer and in went my clothes and I headed for the shower. So now that I'm clean and non-stinky, I think I'll wander over to the scrap table and see what I can get into.

And one final bit of sad news. Seems the mockingbirds have developed a taste for the little Gulf Fritillary caterpillars. The two that had attached themselves to the stem yesterday are gone this morning. There are only 3 caterpillars left and they are eating stems now since all of the leaves are gone. I don't hold much hope for them surviving either. :(


Liane said...

(((((((Sue)))))))) You shoulda stayed in bed!

ya ya's mom said...

that sucks honey, sorry! ((((sue))))

i hope tomorrow is better ;)

jeanne said...

Murphy stinks. Hopefully he's moved to someone else's house today, she said looking around wearily.

iamjaytee said...

Ah Sue, that all sucks! I ignored my google reader yesterday, so I am late to this, but I hope today was better. I have been missing you, mornings arent the same.