Thursday, May 28, 2009

Card Tag Sneak Peek

I am participating in a Card Tag. How it works is, Alicia from created a card and sent me a picture of it. Based on her card, I then created my own card and sent a pic back to her. She then sent it on to the next person in line, and so on, for 10 people. Kinda like that game we used to play at summer camp when the Counselors would whisper in the first persons ear and you'd whisper to your neighbor and by the time it got back to the Counselor, there was no part of what was originally said left! I can give you a sneak peek of what I created, but you'll have to wait until all of the participants have sent their creations back to Alicia and she's posted all of them on her blog. You'll have to check back in a little over a week for the full reveal. I'll also link you to Alicia's blog at that time so you can see everyone else's creations!

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Debbie said...

This game looks like fun.