Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Janelle's birthday gift

Once again, the USPS is moving with lightning speed! Janelle's birthday isn't til this Sat, and I sent her gift a week early since it was going to the left coast and she got it in three days! Amazing. She's a teacher. Enlightening the next generation. So with that in mind, I made her one of Sue's Famous Wall Hangings that she could put in her classroom and think of me everytime she looked at it! ;) I also made her a clippy board that she can use on her desk to jot down a quick note. And a little door hanger that I turned into a card holder with 4 3x3 cards inside that she can use. Happy Birthday BB!


Liane said...

Love your work! Beautiful!

ya ya's mom said...

thanks bb
u r the bomb!!!!

Jill said...

You really are the bomb. Those are beautiful.

Debbie said...

really cute