Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the Zoo!

Favorite sister Jan and I were emailing yesterday morning and she mentioned the kids were on Spring Break this week and they were headed to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo for the day and me being me, I invited myself along! John was gone for the day with his folks, so why not!

We had a blast! We were there til 4:00 and got to see the new baby elephant, baby pigmy hippo and baby orangutan. Course Jake is all about animals, so much so that I started calling him Noah! He knows the Zoo by heart, what animal is coming up, so we got a running commentary from him all day! That animals habitat, what it eats, what it's poop looks like (Like I was concerned about THAT!) And Joy was just her little Princess self! She's so good natured. I told Jan that the two of them get along better than she, Kathy and I did growing up. Two of us were always ganging up on the third. I hated both of them, or Kathy hated Jan and I or Jan hated Kathy and I! I think that's the way with odd numbered kids! It was a fun day. I got sunburnt on my arms and face even with sunscreen on. Maybe I should invite myself along more often!

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jeanne said...

I love zoos!!!! So glad you had a fabulous time.