Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dermo update/finally, some good news!

I thought I'd best update on my latest Dermo visit this past Tue. Yeah, I don't get in a hurry!

The stitches are GONE! All of them! They put butterflies on all three spots and she told me that if they came off before my return visit on the 19th, Nurse John could replace them. Other than that, there was nothing more we should do to them. No Vaseline. No bandages. No tape giving my skin a worse rash than the actual incisions! The butterflies came off the first night! So we've been replacing them daily, after my shower. And all three sites look so much better. The Dermo also seemed to think I could possibly be allergic to the nylon thread she used for the first two because they were both rather irritated. The last spot she cut off, she used something different to suture and it looked great. And the original two spots are doing so much better now that the stitches are out. I'm not constantly twisting and turning, trying to find a comfortable position where the stitches aren't pulling. Especially on the one in the small of my back. That one was brutal! So hopefully when I go back on the 19th, I can get the all-clear and we can once again, start attacking those dang skin tags!

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