Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blast from My Past!

I was channel flipping the other day and happened on a show on Food Network about fair food. One of the things they talked about was Pronto Pups. Now I never remember them from the fairs, but I DO remember having them at home. The mix came in a cake box size box. You mixed 2 parts mix to 1 part water, dipped your hot dogs and fried them. And they (in MY opinion!) were sooooooooo much better than corn dogs. I remember eating pronto pups up into my late teens, early twenties when I was in my first apartment. Then the mix disappeared. And I was sad. I consoled myself with the occasional corn dog when we'd go to the fair, but it was never the same. I found out while watching the show that corn dogs are all cooked at the same time and left under a heat lamp til somebody buys them. Pronto pups are cooked when you order them. Which is why they tasted so much better to me! And lo and behold, there is a company in Oregon that sells pronto pup mix! And I ordered some! Smallest amount you can order is a 5 lb bag! I didn't care! Mailman just delivered it. I ordered it on Tuesday. Today is Thursday! How's that for service! I've already got my dinner plans in place for tonight, but tomorrow night...Pronro Pups at Sue & John's! Here's a link if you'd like to order some for yourself! They even have candy and caramel apple making supplies. AND cotton candy making supplies! How cool is that?!


Debbie said...

Evan and I are pretty sure if we leave now we can be there in time to eat. What should we bring? Oh I know RAIN.

Chris said...

I'll be placing an order soon. Dang it! You even enable with food.