Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yard pretties

I am kind of amazed at some of the pretty flowers we have already in the yard. We didn't get a lot of rain this winter and I refuse to turn on the sprinklers. We are currently in a three year drought that has the greater Tampa area about 3 feet below normal in rainfall. Reservoirs are dry and they have now had to start pumping groundwater for people to water their lawns and to have drinking water, which will only increase the likelyhood of sink holes. Yet, there is still residential and commercial building and no further cut backs of our already stringent water restrictions. Sorry, I cannot justify watering my lawn when I may not have enough water tomorrow to drink. Just one more way of raping our state dry of it's resources. Ok, I need to get off this soapbox before I fall and hurt myself!

First we have a few roses, then the dogwood tree (my piece of the Smoky's in Florida!), Black-eyed Susan, azalea and the front of the house which you can now see since we cut the redneck trailer trash hedges this past weekend. I have to get some CLR to take the rust stain off the far right side stain on the wall where the soaker hose blew out. We have very high rust and iron in our water. We have to soften what comes in the house, but don't do it outside, so when I do water, anywhere it touches the house, it turns it a nasty brown color.


iamjaytee said...

wow, that is cool, it'll be a couple of months yet before we see flowers.

Debbie said...

I cannot wait to have buds and blooms

Liane said...

beautiful! Noles, fear the spear? Moles? I am so confused.... We have some crocuses here, that is about it so far! Of course, we have plenty of rain.