Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Starting off 2009 much the same as 2008 ended! John was in bed by 6 again last night. The holidays are no fun when you work in the retail industry. Today his New Years Day will be spent building Super Bowl displays. The Super Bowl is in Tampa this year, so everyone is pulling out all the stops to bring some much needed cash flow into the area. Then new year managed to come in just fine with no help from me, although I did manage to stay awake til 10!

Today we will have our traditional Southern meal of mustard greens, black eye peas, rice and cornbread. According to folklore, we eat the greens for greenbacks (dollars), peas for peace, rice for riches, cornbread for gold and the hog jowls or in my case, bacon to season the greens and peas, for joy.

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iamjaytee said...

Happy New Year Sue!