Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Belated Birthday gifts

I celebrated my 50th birthday all last year and it looks like I may well be celebrating 51 all this year too!

I recieved the most awesome belated birthday gifts yesterday from my friend Jenn! She had me in tears. I got a box FULL of great stuff. I discovered Trader Joe's Island Soyaki marinade when John and I stopped at TJ's in Atlanta last April. It is wonderful on veggies, pork, beef, seafood, whatever you want to put it on! Jenn sent me a bottle of it! And a box of Brandy Beans from TJ's also! Chocolate coffee bean shapes filled with Brandy. And they are not good! At all! The box is half gone. If they were any good, the box should be completely gone, right?! She made the cutest chickens "talking" card and enclosed a stamped image so I can make one too! And last, but certainly not least. She made a cook-book for me using lots of her favorite tried and true recipes, some with pictures of the actual completed dish. That is what did me in. As Oprah calls it, I was "ugly crying" when I saw it. So glad there wasn't an audience here to witness that! I can't wait to try the recipes and I will treasure it always!


Liane said...

Awesome gifts! I love it. The chicken card is soooo cute too. Happy Birthday...still!

iamjaytee said...

Why do you think it was so late?? I was trying to get a photo of each dish! The final straw was we made the skillet on new years day, and it was gone before I remembered to take the picture! So you got a picture of the fireman who makes the skillet instead. My favorite part is the title, "Eat Me!"

Lea said...

Beautiful gifts. I love the recipie book.

Hey, did you drink the Coke?