Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Shower Thank You's

I know I've mentioned I'm gonna be a cyber-Auntie to my friend Chris's new bundle of joy who is due in a couple of weeks.( I still think they should name it Sue, no matter the sex. Look what Johnny Cash did with A Boy Named Sue!) Her family and friends up yonder in the cold frozen tundra of northern IL threw her a baby shower and I offered to make her thank you's for her gifts. I made them generic, since we don't know the babys sex. She got them yesterday and loved them. So now that she has them, I can share! Ad now I'm gonna get started on some that she can send once the baby does arrive. Cuz there are some me...who want to send gender specific things! Old school here!


Jill said...

Beautiful cards, that was so thoughtful for you to do.

Chris said...

I absolutely love them and am so glad I procrastinated in sending out the ugly store-bought ones. :-)

Mwah! Love ya!