Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nice haul

Out running errands today and a new Tuesday Morning has opened in the same plaza as JoAnn's, so I had to go take a quick peek. I normally don't find anything but you never know!

Imagine my surprise when I found a bunch of Tim Holtz stuff on clearance! I got over $40 worth of product for $12! I call that a score any day! I got a pkg of Grungeboard Mixed Mini alphabet that normally retails for $17 for $2.99! Adornments (that's the birds, wings, hearts) that are normally $8.00 for $2.99. Large Numerals that are $8.00 for $2.99. And Chain Tassels that are $7.00 for $2.99. Love it when I "save" John money!!!


Tamara said...

that's great such nice things for a nice price. Wish we had such a store here.

Anita Houston said...

Gonna go tomorrow! Hope I get lucky too!

Debbie DP said...

I love to save money too. Means you can buy more