Monday, September 24, 2012

Altered Art Journal Book

I spent Saturday at Posh Scraps with about 12 other wimmens and we were taught by the wonderful Roc Nicholas how to alter a book and make it our own. Without giving away all of Roc's trade secrets, we pulled the "guts" out of a book, then covered the outside and inside covers with our own conglomerate of shtuff and then made our own inside pages and re-attached them to the book. Mine is farrrr from finished, but it is going to be so much fun to finish! Anything that is plain now will not be in the end. I have Gesso and Modeling Paste and old papers and flotsam and jetsam to cover and ink and paint and do whatever my little heart desires!  I will share some pics as I get the book finished. It will be interesting to see how it turns out because while I DO have a couple of ideas for where I want to go with it, I have NO idea if that is how it will end up!!This is a picture heavy post, so let's go!!

 Roc shows us her book
 Front cover of my book. Found The Earth without Art is just "eh" in a magazine. It was an advertisement! Three stamped images on the bottom are Roc's and can be found at
 Inside front cover
 first page. I  had to put a couple of things in it to see how I was gonna like it. The name tag was mine in class so Roc didn't have to call us "hey you!" and limes for my Bloody Marys!
 second page. The tag swings independent of the page and it is a leftover from the Dina Wakley class I took during the summer at Whim So Doodle.
 two round coasters make up page three.
 then another tag is page 4.
 6 x 6 definitions is page 5.
 A couple of file folders are page 6 and yes, the bottom one is crooked. I think it adds to the "organic" nature of the book!
 Page 7 is a pocket that was shared by one of my classmates. We all shared things that we had extra of with each other. We even shared with Roc! Trying to bribe her to come back and see us again!!!
 Page 8 is another classmates share in a paint sample.
 Page 9 is a narrow 2" x 11" piece that I cut off my first page.
 Page 10 is another cut off piece. The top was sticking up above my book cover and I didn't realize it until I had everything adhered. So another happy accident and I used my Threading Waters punch then tied Bakers Twine in the holes!
 Left my flingers in page 11 so you could see that it is a clear bag. Don't know yet what will go in it!
 Page 12 is another tag. As I was deciding if it was going to be page 12 or 13, one of my classmates said she really liked the Kraft tag against the stamps , so page 12 it was!
Stamps is page 13
 Page 14 has a small pocket that also moves freely from the page.
 Page 15 is clock resist cardstock.
 Page 16 is two banner chipboard pieces.
 And page 17 is a brown mailer.
 Back of the mailer
 Inside back cover
 Back cover
Roc and I with our books.

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Anita Houston said...

Oh WOW!!! Looks fabulous, and will be fun to fill! You look great! You might change your blog name to flotsam and!!!