Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dyan mashup

A few of us (you know, the troublemakers who sit in the back of the class and spit spitballs at the goodie-goodies who sit up front near the teacher!) on the Art Journaling FB page that I'm a part of decided we'd take some of the "less flattering" pics of Dyan off her blog and use them as a theme in our art journals. I found one of her goofing at CHA with her plastic glasses and fake 'stache and decided I'd use the title "I've got friends in low places" from the Garth Brooks song back in the early 90's. I didn't want all of the background clutter, so I decided to cut the just Dyan's body out and her arms were at a weird angle with one on her hip and the other on a table and when I cut out the clutter, it made her arms look deformed, so I cut them off. One of the other Art Journaling ladies pointed out that it made Dyan look like the Venus de Milo!  I give you, our Lady Dyan as an Angel Queen.

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Anita Houston said...

Bahahahaha!!! I stinking love it! What a fun concept! This is ├╝ber cool Sue!!!