Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new layer

And I don't mean layer like in a layer cake, I mean layer as in CHICKEN layer! I opened the door separating the "little" girls from the "big" girls on Saturday. Queen Biotch Survivor has spent all of her waking time since in chasing the little girls back and forth, forth and back. I don't call her Queen Biotch for nuttin! But apparently, one of the little Americauna's found some spare time in being chased to lay her first egg. And that surprises me since the Buffs are the oldest of the "little" girls. I just ASSumed (and you know what "they" say about ASSuming, right?!) that the Buffs would be first to lay. I don't know who it is that gave me this pretty little blueish green egg, but I'll take it! I put it next to one of Queen's eggs since hers are the biggest of all. The eggs start small since their hoo-ha's aren't stretched out as much. As it stretches, the eggs will get bigger. And a little more chicken "birds and bees" if you will. You DO NOT need a rooster (male) for the hens to lay eggs. All females "lay" an egg. Chickens just do it on a more frequent timetable than say, a human female. The only reason you "need" a male is to fertilize the eggs. Hens will lay an egg every day or so, rooster or no rooster. Just like a human female "lays" an egg every 28 days or so. And there is NO nutritional difference in a fertile and non-fertile chicken egg. Also, eating a fertile chicken egg will not hurt you in any way, shape or form. Class dismissed!

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Anita Houston said...

I've been wondering what's going on with those girls!!! Thanks for the repro Ed!!!! Love the color of both of these!!! I'll take mine with a side of sausage and some French toast with your amazing strawberry jam!!!! Yummy!!!