Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life IS good!

Now that I know they both have them, I can share a tag I made for friends Jeanne and Liane. They've both had some trials and tribulations this past year, Jeanne losing her beloved husband the 9TS back in February and Liane was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April and has just finished up her Chemo and is now headed for Radiation. In my Internet travels, I find ideas that make me smile and sometimes I think the idea will make others smile as well. This tag is where that idea comes from. Life truly IS good.


anna christensen crafts said...

Oh Yes! Life is good and this year, I have learnt to value each and every day of it. What a glorious Rainbow of colours and techniques here, these will be received so happily, I bet! Best wishes to your friends too xx

Anita Houston said...

Love your design Sue...so fun and bright, and sure to cheer!!!! Love that tree!