Friday, April 20, 2012

Got Yogurt?

I introduced the little girls to yogurt this morning. They weren't too sure about it to start with, but once they started eating it, they seemed to like it better. They sure do love their lettuce though! One will pick up a piece and the other 9 will chase her all around the coop. I guess the piece that she has tastes better than all the others! The Buff's have lost all of their baby fluff. The Americauna's, who finally have names, only have fluff around their heads and the Cukoo Marans are still little fluff balls! So the Americauna's are Goldie, for the yellow one. The light brown one is Liz after Liz Taylor because of how they look like their mascara has smeared and it reminded my of Liz playing Cleopatra with the extended mascara and the darker brown one is Cleo, for Cleopatra. The Maran's still don't have names. I'm thinking that one of the brown girls is gonna be Godiva. I think they all need "chocolate" names since they will *eventually* lay chocolate brown eggs.

 Hey, Treat Lady! Why are you on the OTHER side of the closed gate? We want treats too, ya know! Anna, Anita and Sluggy, Goldie and one of the black Marans.
 Sluggy and Anita and Godiva inspecting the lettuce, carrrots and purple cabbage.
 Apparently the yogurt tastes better after you walk thru it. Goldie and one of the black Marans.
Anna, black Maran, Liz,  Goldie, Anita, Sluggy, Cleo


anna christensen crafts said...

Sue, I am amazed by how fast the girls (Sluggy, Anita and Anna) are growing. I love these posts on your blog xx

Anita Houston said...

OH my feathery behind has grown so much!!! WOW...I might need to stop eating so much, or you and hubby will find me so plump, I might become dinner!!!