Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blooming things

Just came in from chicken duty. Found the little girls having themselves a sand bath. So cute, and I have no pics of that to share. I need to just take the camera with me when I go! Today they got strawberry tops and yogurt as a treat. The little Cuckoo Marans seem to like to walk thru the yogurt and then eat the bits off their toesies. Maybe it gives extra flavor?!

I did find a few blooming things and came back inside to get the camera so I could share. Pretty pink gladiolius, passion vine that grows on the fence and gardenia bush.


anna christensen crafts said...

I'd love to watch the antics of 'the girls' You describe them so well Sue, beautiful blooming going on in your garden too xx

Anita Houston said...

I love to find those little miracles! So pretty!