Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter peeps

Just came back from the feed store with 4 new babies. These are the Cukoo Maran's, the chocolate egg layers that I've been waiting on all week to come in. John went with me and because there were two colors, a blackish and brownish, HE told me I couldn't just get three like I wanted that I had to get two of each color. So my chicken total is now at 14 and it stops there! When all 14 start laying, I'm gonna put a sign in my front yard "Fresh Eggs For Sale" cuz I'm giving them away left and right as it is now with just 4 laying! Make them earn their keep!

And as an update on the older ones. Anna has decided that when she gets out of that watermelon crate, she is running away and joining the high wire act with the circus. She's decided she likes sitting on the cord to the heat lamp! Anita has joined her sister in sitting on top of the feeders and waterers. Sluggy is being a slub and staying with her feets firmly planted on the ground!

 the 6 older girls. I thought the Americauna's were still pretty little. And they are. Until you get the new ones next to them!!
 The four new Cukoo Maran's.
 Anna planning her escape to the Big Top!
 All the girls all together.
You can really see how much the Buff's have grown compared to the new girls.


anna christensen crafts said...

Oh Sue, I love these photo's. It must be so cool getting all those fresh eggs too. I'm glad to see the girls have a spirit of adventure to them! Can't wait to see over the edge of that box... Woo hoo!

Anita Houston said...

Giving them away? Why aren't you selling them? My name sake is not going to like to work for free!!! It's down right hard mak'n them thar eggs!!!