Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chicken Update

The time came this morning for us to let the little girls OUT of the watermelon bin and have free run of the small side of the coop. They were a bit on the timid side at first, but Mama Anna was the first to RUN into the breezeway between the two sides and everyone followed her lead! We left them alone for a bit to get used to their new surroundings and I went back later to take some pictures. They were all laying in the breezeway right up against the door that goes into the original coop where the big girls are. The big girls who want NOTHING to do with them right now. But they can see each other, smell each other and have some time to get used to each other and in about 4 months, when they all reach the same size, I will open the door and everyone will have free run of both sides.

 Out enjoying the morning sunshine.

 Hey look! It's that Feeding Lady! Wonder if she's got any treats. I'ma gonna go see!
 Anna and Anita. First to the party!
 Two Cuckoo Maran's left in the breezeway. Everybody else has come to join me.

 Mmmmm...a green weed!
 They decide the sun is more interesting than the green weed!
Anna, Anita, Sluggy and Indy (for Independence) come make really sure the Feeding Lady doesn't have any treats. I tear up bits of romaine lettuce for them and also tiny bits of bread. They aren't spoiled. Much!


anna christensen crafts said...

Great piccies Sue - look at us go! To others that read this comment, I do know I'm not a chicken. But, one of them is really named after me and that makes me proud!

Anita Houston said...

Bread and lettuce? This is prison! At least put some butter on the bread and ranch on the lettuce!!! I am always first to the party and last to ironic!!! Love these pictures Sue!!! How fun!

Debbie DP said...

Awwwww they look so little in that great big pen/coup