Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas-the leftovers

As is the case with most of my projects, I had some flotsam and jetsam left on my table when I finished the 12 Tags of Christmas. So I decided I'd put them together and see what I came up with.

The first one is a mish-mash of all the days! I used CTMH Create-A-Shade paint on a tag and it clouded up the pattern too much for my liking, so I did a different tag for that day and threw this one to the side. I did one flower too many another day. Added it to my pile. Made too many gears and one too many houses. Bits and pieces of ribbon and one of the  mirrored facets from another day and a token from another, all in the pile. Add in a couple of "pearls" and a "diamond" and there you go! The sentiment (if you can call it that!) is one I found while rooting around in my stash for something else entirely and realized it had NEVER seen ink. The horrors! So combine all of that and you have Leftover Tag 1.

The second one is all pretty much from the Metal Embossing day. I had the BINGO card embossed, painted, sanded, Distress Inked and embossed and decided to go in a different direction. I'ma woman...I'm allowed to change my mind!! So I threw it over in the pile. I had cut the heart and crown out of metal for another day and ended up not using it, so into the pile. And the BINGO mirror facet was done at the same time as the one of the first use-it-up tag so what better place to use it than on the BINGO card?! Added a couple of t!m's BINGO chips and I'm calling this one done. I think my favorite part of this tag is on the bottom border, when I went to emboss it, part of the purple paint peeled away from the right hand end. I left it. It kinda curled back on itself and once the embossing powder melted it stuck there. A happy accident that I'm glad I didn't do anything to.

Now I have to go and clean up the embossing powder that is alllllllll over my scrap table and move on to other things. Like the ginormous pile of pictures I found when we were cleaning and rearranging my room. Need to get those puppies IN a scrapbook! Stay tuned.............

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Anna Christensen said...

Sue. I really like these tags, I have lots of 'bits and pieces' too, I might try and see if there enough to make a tag or 2. Have a good weekend, very wet and windy here.