Thursday, December 22, 2011


So guess how long this project has been half done! I started it back in March, I think it was. But it was for me, so it kept getting put on the back burner for other people's projects. I decided it was NOT gonna stay half finished into 2012 and in a matter of about an hour, I had it completed.

I found the idea in a catalog. What they were selling was almost $50 and I knew I could make one cheaper. I bought a canvas and painted it black. Then I sanded it and used some Vintage Photo Distress Ink and White CTMH ink and made the canvas look old. I used all sorts of different CTMH alphabets since I am an alphabet ho of sorts and can never have enough! I used pigment ink and wasn't real concerned about getting complete coverage since I wanted it to look old and worn. I added a couple of different "be's" that really pertain to me and left out some that were on the original that didn't. So this one is uniqely mine. Now...where to hang it in my room! And yes, I know Be Bold is on there twice. As I stamped the second "b" in bold, I realized it was the very first "be." Oh well!


Debbie DP said...

love the canvas. This is a great idea.

jeanne said...

it be really cool.