Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Tale of the Squirrel Eviction

We had a squirrel in our small shed. Guess it decided that it would make a good winter home. Skeered the bejeebies out of me one day when I went out to put feed in the bird feeders. So I told John and we've been putting off evicting it and making repairs. Well, it couldn't be put off any more. We knew it had at least one nest and if there's a nest, that is ultimately gonna mean babiez. And we don't need no squirrel fambly in our shed. It'd be like the Waltons! We'd have Jim-Bob and John-Boy and MaryEllen all raising their broods in there. So today was eviction day. We started pulling stuff out and eventually we found the kritter. And it was none too happy to see us, lemme tell you. Oh the racket! Tail a'twichin and squirrel cussing up a storm! John went inside to get his pistol and I was standing there with the camera at the ready. Well squirrel decided to high-tail it outta there and went out at the tippy-top of the roof where it had chewed a hole the size of Texas thru the shingles AND plywood. So we finished taking stuff out at a faster pace since we now knew that squirrel was gone. Or was it? All of a sudden, there it is at the DOOR! Almost as if it were saying, "Well if you're gonna leave the front door open, I'll use IT!" So we scared it off. And thank goodness, there were no babiez in the nest, but "she" (?) had done a nice job of pulling her soft fur out to line it with, so babiez were gonna be coming eventually. John then cut some new plywood and braces and fixed the hole in the roof. We have shingles but no roofing nails, so when we go out later today, we'll stop and get some so the plywood doesn't get wet and rot and give them access once again. Squirrel sat in a nearby tree and let us know how unhappy it was with us. I'm sure as soon as it feels the coast is clear, it will be trying to figure a new way in.

                                              squirrel nest
                       up in the rafters where the nest originally was. We think it fell to where we found it.
                                                   Texas size hole
                                                    John up the ladder fixing the hole

Update: Just got back from running errands only to find our PO'd squirrel standing on the front walkway! Like it's waiting for us to get home and open the front door. Beings how we've closed off the custom entrance it had made into the shed. Ummm...I don't think so! Keep it up and you'll be dinner!


Anna Christensen said...

Or threaten it with becoming the 13th Tag of Christmas? Anna x

jeanne said...

sorry but it gave me the giggles.