Friday, June 24, 2011

Fall down go boom

We lost half of our sand pine tree during the Hurricanes of 2004. The other half came down today. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the bird feeders that I used to have to stand on my tippy toes (no short jokes from the audience, please!) to get to I could now reach with no problem at all. After further investigation, we realized the winds we had gotten in association with one of our afternoon thundertorms had blown the tree to the east and the roots were coming up out of the ground. John determined that it would hit neither the house or the small shed if it did come down and he was not going to climb it to attempt to take it down on his own. Well we got another afternoon shower today and with it came the wind and the tree is now down. It will mostl likely be next week before he can cut it up. One good thing, it can't go any further down and he was right. It hit neither the house or the shed. So no damage. That's a good thing. It's gonna be strange not having that tree out off the back porch. We have enjoyed the birds coming to the feeders since we moved here. Thankfully we've got a couple of good candidates to put the feeders in once we get rid of the sand pine.

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jeanne said...

Yikes!!!! All we got was a burning bush. Thankfully.