Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scenes from the garden

Out doing my morning chores this morning and we have some new additions in the garden spot. The peas are done. I think it got too hot too quick for them. We got 6 pea pods. So John and I each got three. Not bad!! The &%*%$*& birds (or sumthin) is pecking holes in my strawberries AND tomatoes. If I pick them green, they don't ripen. If I leave them to ripen, the instant they turn even the teeniest bit red, the get a hole pecked in them. If you're gonna peck a hole, eat the WHOLE thing. We have teeeny tiiiiny cukes coming. Hoping they get big enough all at the same time that I can make some pickles. But with my luck, somehow I doubt it! They'll be like the peas. One every 5 days or so. We had a couple of volunteer cantaloupes come up in the old chicken coop while we were demolishing/rebuilding it. I give the chickens the peel and seeds from fruits and veggies and sometimes we get a volunteer. So I carefully dug the plants up and got a couple of buckets of nice chicken poopy dirt from the coop and replanted them up next to the Earth Boxes. They are going great guns! Have all sorts of flowers on them. Now I just need for them to set some fruit. And last but not least is my Muscadine Grape plant that was closetodeath when I got it for $1.00 at Lowes. I planted it and babied it and it's got all sorts of new growth on it. Most likely won't get any grapes off of it this year, but hopefully next year and maybe I can make some Muscadine Grape jam. Yumm, yumm! Oh, and the passion vine on the fence is blooming it's fool head off. I leave the blossoms to set fruit and the squirrels eat them. Then "deposit" the seeds alllllllllll over the yard where they come up and the Gulf Fritillary butterflies lay eggs and the caterpillars eat the plants then somehow migrate to the shed where they pupate and turn into butterflies only to continue the cycle. So I mow around the squirrel planted plants! The things I do for my "critters!"

OK, somehow the pics of the grapevine ended up at the top!

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