Monday, June 6, 2011

I have the best friends!

Walked to the mailbox the other day and there's a box. From Debbie and Evan. What are they sending me? I get inside and open the box and it's REAL Vermont Maple Syrup! And some real Vermont maple candies that are shaped like maple leaves. How ingenious of the Vermonters! And a pen from the NH Motor Speedway. See, they were on vacay up that way a few weeks ago. And they got this great stuff to send to John and I. Now I'd never had the real Vermont maple syrup. I've had the fakey crap they sell in the stores here. I told Deb I had half a mind (no smart comments Thitou) not to tell John about the syrup and just eat it all by dipping my finger in the jug! But I couldn't do that! It is yumalicious and I am thinking of all sorts of different ways I can enjoy it. Some whomp biscuits are on my grocery list for this week, that's a given! Thank you both. Again. And again and again!

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