Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making fire wood

No, not really! Pine isn't the best to burn. It's full of sap and does more snap, crackling and popping than heating. So this will be drug out to the back 40 and left to decompose on it's own. It would most likely take 5 or more trailer loads to haul it to the dump, and each load is paid for separately. So we'll just drag it out back and let Ma Nature reclaim it. It's gonna take a few days to get it all cut up though. We've realized we don't have the gumption to get it all down in one day. We worked for 2.5 hrs and the sun is just intense out there, so no sense in getting overheated and then sick and not be able to finish. I've had issues with getting overheated then passing out all my life and it's not gotten any better as I've aged. But I have learned when to say when! So we're done for today. Tammarah's another day Rhett!
You'll notice the bird feeder that the limb is resting on. Hopefully when he gets to it, John can cut that limb off and not break my feeder! We did manage to free one feeder and then John cleared me a path to the shed so I filled the one feeder and got it hung in the oak tree. I pulled out the pressure washer while John was cutting and cleaned the pond waterfall and birdbaths. The pond guy keeps telling me that algae on the rocks means we have a healthy pond environment. I say algae is uglae!
I also managed to get stung by a wasp! I have a concrete cardinal that sits by one of the bird feeders and it was in desperate need of a new paint job. When I picked it up, I didn't realize the wasps had built a nest under the cardinals tail. And one flew up and stung me on the right knee. Good thing I'm not allergic. It swelled up nice though and is pretty sore.
Edit: I have tried since 11 AM to post this. Blogger must have taken July 4 off! But there are others who are posting with no troubles. Just checked my Google Reader and there's lots of posts. So maybe it's just me! No matter. Eventually I'll get it posted.

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Debbie DP said...

wow these pictures really show the size of the tree. It is huge.