Thursday, July 7, 2011


We finally got the tree finished up today. Hauled all of the limbs with branches to one side of the "back 40" and all of the "logs" from the trunk to the other side. The birds and small animals will find refuge in the limbs while they decompose and the bigger logs will take years to break down. We thought we'd see rain before we got done. There is a Tropical Wave moving north and the weather guy said we'd likely see off and on showers. But we didn't get any rain, so we got it all taken care of. Then I mowed and John weed wacked the yard and then we hooked the trailer to the back of the mower and trimmed the front hedges and got all of that raked up and hauled out back to decompose too. So a good, productive day. And I managed to get stung again! They must like the stank I give off when I'm sweating! Don't know what it was this time, but it got me on the top of my left foot. I was trimming some of the hedge with hand clippers where John missed and it zapped me. Hadn't been stung in years, now twice in one week. John and I both commented about how much we are gonna miss our pine tree. The birds still haven't found the feeder and John did manage to get the tree cut around the other feeder without any damage, so I got it filled and hung today as well. They will find them in time. Now that we are done out there, they can take some time to figure out where we moved them to. What's left of the trunk is gonna have to decompose on it's own. It is too big for the chain saw to go thru. So we'll have the reminder of our tree for many years to come.

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