Friday, March 5, 2010


God I love living in Florida! The annual Plant City Strawberry Festival started yesterday for it's two week run, and with that comes those lucious red strawberries. We are very lucky to even have any this year with the record cold temps we had in January. The farmers put lots and lots and lots of water on the plants and berries to freeze and hold the temps at 32 degrees so they wouldn't lose the entire crop. As an added benefit, the cold makes them even sweeter than they normally are.
My grocery store is running a special this week, 3 quarts for $5.00. I would never have believed we'd see them that cheap this year. I took full advantage this morning and these glorious beauties have been sliced and are now happily in-sauced to become strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight. I saved a few to dip in chocolate. I know, not so healthy, but Oh So Good!!! The chickens are happily eating the caps and few unripe bits I found. Nothing goes to waste here!


jeanne said...

double slurp! We should have stopped on the way home yesterday. Now I have to make a Publix run.

Jill (Scrap Wench) said...

JEALOUS!!!!! California strawberries just don't compare to Plant City strawberries.