Monday, March 22, 2010

Records...we broke 'em!

Now that Spring has officially arrived, we are getting data on our cold Winter. Seems there are quite a few records that we broke, or came damn close to breaking.

* St Pete- Average temp was 56.9 degrees. Coldest in 96 years of official record keeping. Second coldest was 1940.

*Tampa- Average temp was 55.6 degrees. Only 1978 was colder in 120 years of record keeping.

*St Leo College- which is close to me- Average temp was 54.8 degrees. Second coldest on record which was a blistering 54.6 degrees set in 1931.

*Brooksville- which is also close to me- Average here was 55.3 which broke the 1920 record.

So in short, it wasn't my imagination. It was C.O.L.D.

I saw a report the other day that said because of El Nino which is still holding strong in the Pacific, we could see more and stronger hurricanes this summer. Not looking forward to a repeat of the 2004 summer when we had 4 of the buggers go over the top of our house. May they all spin harmlessly over the water and do no harm to anyone.

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jeanne said...

amen to the spinning harmlessly!!!!