Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Because

That's what the Sept promotion is for CTMH. You got all the stuff you needed to make 16 cards, 2 of each style, 2 mini ink pads, cocoa ribbon, Sparkles and a stamp set. I've been slowly working on them the last day or so. All of the pieces of cardstock and B&T came attached and I'm anal and had to sand all of the little "tabs" off from where they were attached! I took some liberties with all of them, putting my own spin on them. I especially like the last one, I used the Stamp Kissing technique on her dress. You ink up your image, then using another stamp that has a heavy pattern on it (like Spot On!), press it into the inked image, then stamp. It leaves the pattern on the original image. (Thanks Lea for the idea!)These will be a Christmas gift for someone...don't know who yet! That's ONE gift completed! I've got lots of others in various stages of completion. Hey, I get bored easily and have to move on to something else!


Liane said...

Lovely! Great gift. =-)

Lea said...

Glad to be of service! They look great!