Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I am NOT an adventurous beer drinker. Gimme Michelob Light and I'm good to go. Or should I say, used to be good to go! When I was at Convention, I discovered Mori Moto (yes, the Iron Chef) Black Obi Soba Ale. And I fell in love. So very unlike me. It's a dark beer, an ale, and very caramel-y. Nothing like what I generally tend to drink. But love it I did. And I tried to find it once I got back home. With no luck. So I contacted the Gaylord and they sent me the names of 3 places in the Tampa area to try. One of them was World of Beer I went there a couple of weeks ago and ordered the three different types of Mori Moto beers that they carry. Last week John and I went to pick them up. The guy forgot to order them. Oh well! So we sat at the bar and each had a couple of beers. I had an Asahi, a Japanese beer that I've had before and like very much and a Tsingsao, a Chinese beer that was very much like the Asahi. John had a couple of dark German beers, I couldn't even begin to tell you the names. One was a draught and the other had a plastic goat (ram?) hanging on the bottle. We ordered a half case of Asahi to pick up this week. It is sold in 1/2 cases only since the bottles are 16 oz each. We went back yesterday afternoon to pick it up and enjoyed a couple more beers each while we were there. And I wrote the names down so I could remember! I started with Wittekerke draught, a white beer with a fruity citrus-y flavor. Then I had to try the draught Shipyard Pumpkin Ale from Maine! My friend Melan is always drinking it and she loves it, so I had to see what was so special about it. Tastes like pumpkin pie! Hoo boy! Really enjoyed this one! Even brought a couple of bottles home with me! John started with a draught Radeberger Pilsner, a German beer with a light taste and a bold distinct finish. I wasn't too crazy about said bold, distinct finish, but I could drink this too! Then he had a Unibrous Ephemere from Canada. A beer that is brewed with green apples! As soon as the barmaid set it down in front of him, you could smell the apples. And it was wonderful! Very light, not bitter at all and not too sweet! They have over 30 beers on tap at any given time that change seasonally and hundreds and hundreds of bottled beers. They are having their 2nd annual WoBtoberfest next month and John and I are already making plans to go!Thye will have food, beer, fun, beer, food, beer, games, beer, music, and BEER! Stay tuned for more adventures in beer!

Blogger is still not letting me put in links or pictures, so I'll just continue working on projects and taking pics as I finish them. Maybe someday I can share with you again!

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