Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am sooooo bad!

Has it really been a week since I blogged?! OMG! I had no idea. we go!

Ear's doing better. Still pretty sore up at the top of my ear lobe, but it's not waking me up when I turn over on it. I go Tue to get the stitches out, so maybe they can tell me why it's still so sore. My neck/behind my ear where they took the skin graft is doing great! It just itches like the dickens!

We are now on Hurricane Ike watch. Looks like he could be impacting the west coast of FL Wed or Thur of next week. Tourists are being evacuated from the Keys this weekend and residents who want to go will probably start evacuations on Monday. I'm being cautiously optimistic about the storm. We can still use some rain. If it stays offshore, we'll be on the "bad" side of the storm. The front (top) right-hand side of a hurricane is generally the worst part of the storm. Depending on how far offshore he is, or if he comes onshore will be a big factor in how much bad weather we get. No sense in panicking just yet!!

Not really much else going on. Maybe that's why I hadn't posted in a week! I've got my OCC challenge for this week done, so I'll be posting that in a few minutes. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

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