Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan!

Today is my friend Evan's birthday. He sent me a birthday gift last year and had written on the outside of the box that I could not open it until my birthday. He's never even met me and he knows me too well! He knew I'd open it early if he hadn't said I had to wait. So there it sat, for a week, taunting me! I knew I'd pay him back! So I sent his gift a week early and put a big sign on the outside of the box that he couldn't open it til today! Debbie, his mom, said he got the biggest grin on his face when he saw that! And he sat it at his chair at the dining room table and gave his mom grief when she would move the box so he could eat! With Evan's sight limitations, I knew I had to do something with different textures so that he could feel the differences. So to embellish the "E" letter I got for him, I used T!m Holtz Grungeboard, DistressInk, Crackle Paint and Distress Powder. I used Fragments for smoothness. I stamped a clock face and used a T!m Holtz Game Spinner for interaction. I posted the card I made for him last week as my OCC week 11 challenge. It had things he could touch and feel as well.

He's going out for a pizza party tonight if the weather holds off. He said they were under tornado warnings all night and had lots of rain, thunder and lightning. Now it looks like they will be in for some of the remains of Hurricane Ike as he moves across Illinois. Hopefully they will not lose power and he can enjoy his party later tonight.

Hope your day is truly special and wonderful Evan!

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